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So you're telling me . . .


That somebody else can do that for me?!  In an attempt to be a well-informed small business owner, I read at least one business book per month.  One of these books described the feeling of every small business owner when she first delegates a task to an employee.  Pure euphoria, often followed by some major headaches, but still, pure euphoria.  In my case, a little fulfillment center in Cedar Park has taken the place of my first employee.  I did not know that a person could have the type of feelings that I have for a fulfillment center.  After lots of thinking about having someone mail my packages for me, researching of shipping centers, fretting about costs, making complicated Excel spreadsheets and countless encouraging emails (yes, we can help!) followed by discouraging emails (actually, we can't really help.), I found a company that can take care of my every shipping need.  The feeling that I had while driving away from the center after dropping a trunk full of chocolate sauce to be packaged and shipped by someone else can only be rivaled by that of walking out of the law school after my Constitutional Law exam.  I could breathe . . . when I did not even know that I could not breathe before.  Big, deep breaths.  

One of the very best feelings on earth is when people actually start to buy the product that you have been putting your time, money and heart into for multiple years.  They really like it!  My bank account does work two ways!  Money can enter the account!  Next comes a sinking feeling.  Uh oh, this means I have to get four cases of chocolate sauce to Nashville.   In August.  Followed by mad trips to the post office, UPS store and my friends' recycling bins to find appropriate boxes, rush orders from Uline (bless Uline) for giant boxes of bubble wrap and packing tape, and very sweaty assembly processes during my lunch hour while wearing heels and a binding pencil skirt.  Whew.  At one point this holiday season, I asked John to hand me the box full of boxes in the living room.  He counted four boxes full of boxes . . . in my living room.  I knew I had a problem. 

This is not to say that I regret my decision to ship everything myself to get the ball rolling.  It is important for me to know exactly how much bubble wrap will fit perfectly around two jars of sauce, how to fit three jars oh so snugly into a padded flat rate envelope to prevent breakage at all costs, and how the USPS website only works if you use Internet Explorer and will cause you to curse and scream if you use Google Chrome.  But, I am also so happy to pass this duty off to someone more talented and experienced than I will every be in the shipping world.  A milestone.  A silly, unexpected milestone, but a milestone nonetheless in growing my business into the awesome, chocolate making machine of my dreams.

Happy summer!


A Christmas Update

This Christmas, The Barton Table's first, things have been an all new kind of crazy.  In mid November, we realized that we would have to move production from the co-packing facility to a commercial kitchen.  This is both awesome, as it means that we can make smaller, higher quality batches, and terrifying as it means [...]

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The Jars Are Here!

After a couple of years of day dreaming and preparation, we finally had our first big cook day. It was kind of like seeing the Sesame Street Orange Crayon Factory video for the first time, but with chocolate . . . and as part of the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  It was so crazy to [...]

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The Labels Are Coming!

If you have spoken to me in the past 12 months, there is a 90% chance that we have discussed my label design.  Oh, how I have fretted over the perfect label!  The label, I feel, is second in importance only to the deliciousness of my sauces.  Well, it is almost here in my hot [...]

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So, this is happening.

It's official.  I have a website . . . which means that I am publicly declaring my intention to bring the sauces to the people . . . which is terrifying.  I figure, you can only do so much homework before you have to dive in, right?  I'm fantastic at homework (not to toot my [...]

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