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A Christmas Update


This Christmas, The Barton Table's first, things have been an all new kind of crazy.  In mid November, we realized that we would have to move production from the co-packing facility to a commercial kitchen.  This is both awesome, as it means that we can make smaller, higher quality batches, and terrifying as it means we have to cook a bunch of smaller, higher quality batches . . . by ourselves.  On top of that, we were making 200+ (adorable) holiday boxes, picking up ingredients, pots, measuring cups, ribbon and a million other supplies from all over town, delivering, delivering, delivering and trying to do our regular jobs to boot.  With a rotating group of friends and family and a particularly helpful boyfriend, we managed to hold ourselves in a (fairly) controlled state of chaos to make it through the season.  I undoubtedly would have keeled over from exhaustion if I had been left to do this on my own.  I once read something about how, considering the number of children in the world and given his short delivery time frame, if Santa delivered one Lego present to each child in one Christmas night without his magical, North Pole induced powers, he would have to move so quickly and with so much weight that he would burn to ashes immediately - like a meteor flying through earth's atmosphere.  This is how I imagine I would have felt this Christmas season if it were not for the amazing people in my life who were willing to take a day out of their very busy holiday schedules to help me.  Without this small army of cooks, dish washers, label appliers, box fillers and errand runners, I undoubtedly would be a tiny pile of  green and red sparkling dust on the floor.  I am overwhelmed with this support and am so grateful for all of these amazing people in my life.  Here's looking at you, Val, Webber, Mike R., Mike Y., Joe, Sarah, Michelle, Ren, Emily, Lisa, Laura, Asher and, of course, John. I am also so grateful for all of my friends and family who have supported The Barton Table by buying sauce and gift boxes. I can tell you, it feels pretty dang good to have so many people backing you up.  And buying you awesome lucky cook shirts like this one to get you in the holiday mood while you stir giant pots of melted chocolate and listen to Mariah on repeat on the Big Jambox.  My friends and family have made this first year with The Barton Table pretty fantastic, Christmas miracles and all.  I cannot thank them enough.  I am thinking that 2015 will be pretty awesome too.  

Happy Holidays!




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