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The Labels Are Coming!


If you have spoken to me in the past 12 months, there is a 90% chance that we have discussed my label design.  Oh, how I have fretted over the perfect label!  The label, I feel, is second in importance only to the deliciousness of my sauces.  Well, it is almost here in my hot little hands.  I took a trip to Hyde Park Label on Friday, where they have all kinds of crazy label making machines in a giant high tech warehouse.  I even went to high school with the customer services rep who was helping me, which means that it is meant to be.  I was impressed.  We picked out a nice, matte paper for my labels.  Not to name drop or anything, but Stubbs uses the same paper for all of its barbeque sauces.  NBD.  Then I just wrote my fantastic, talented label designer an email with all of the wording, nutrition facts, grams, ounces, QR code files, address, etc. to do a final proof!  I cannot wait to see it . . . and I promise to stop asking your opinion about fonts and logos once it is here.  I promise.  



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