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Mary-Wommack and Toby


Chocolate sauce has been the go-to dessert option for the Barton family since at least the mid-1980s. In fact, from about 1985 to this very day, my dad has eaten ice cream with chocolate sauce practically nightly.  When someone does not whip up a batch of our homemade chocolate sauce for him, he will make do with one of a few store-bought dessert sauce options.  While we all agree that these sauces will do in a pinch, the general consensus is that those brands have nothing on our sauce.  Our original chocolate sauce is amazing, and over the years, with a little inspiration from our hometown filled to the brim with foodies, we have developed some pretty tasty spins on the classic.  Long story short, it was only natural with my chocolate sauce loving background that I end up here, ready to share with the world the secret to the perfect dessert.  Straight from The Barton Table.  I hope you enjoy each bite as much as I do.

Mary-Wommack Barton



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